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The ‘invisible tax’ on teachers of color

In a recent Washington Post op-ed, US Secretary of Education John King made the case that teachers of color suffer from the so-called “invisible tax.”

That’s when a teacher of color is the only minority teacher in their school. The tax they pay is when they are expected to act as experts on every issue related to cultural diversity.

King says the invisible tax leads to burnout, at a time when teachers of color are leaving the profession more quickly than their white peers.

Dr. William Hayes is a principal at a middle school in Camden, New Jersey.

He joined Associate Producer Ryan Katz on the podcast to talk about the invisible tax along with his work with a Philadelphia-based support group for black male educators, The Fellowship.

Talking About Race in Schools

In 1998, the American Anthropological Association (AAA) published a statement on race. It concluded that race is a social idea, not a biological fact. In bringing this message to the public, it created a museum exhibit called “Race: Are We So Different?” that toured across the country. The exhibit brings up some difficult questions, especially for parents and teachers.

Yolanda Moses, President of the AAA from 1995 to 1997, wanted to go even further. She wondered how to get Americans talk to their kids about race and identity. So Moses and her colleagues created a teaching guide for middle and high school teachers based on the museum exhibit.

This week on the podcast, Moses says children as young as four years old should be taught why people look different – and why they are treated differently – in American society.