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How tutoring helps students

Private tutoring for students can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars per year.

But economist Jonathan Guryan co-authored a study that found tutoring improves student learning and graduation rates.

He studied a pilot tutoring program in Chicago Public Schools that helped students struggling at math. One tutor met with two students at a time, so the tutor could match the students at their individual math level.

Guryan wants to expand the program nationally.

Our documentary, One Child at a Time, takes a deep dive into personalized learning in the United States.

Is advanced math necessary?

Before you devour this week’s episode, listen to last week’s American RadioWorks podcast “Decoding the Math Myth.” Really do it. We’ll wait.

By now that you’ve learned that last week’s guest, Andrew Hacker, argues that teaching advanced math to every student in the United States is hurting the economy by preventing people from getting college degrees.

But this week’s guest, Keith Devlin, says math is vital for developing student reasoning skills. He’s a mathematician at Stanford University and author of “The Man of Numbers: Fibonacci’s Arithmetic Revolution.”