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Hungry hungry students

With the Hollywood depictions of frat bros chugging beer and hippies snacking on munchies, the starving college student might seem like a myth.

Yet student hunger in higher education is no folk tale. Although the national data on college student hunger is abysmal, recent surveys suggest that show many students don’t get enough to eat.

One study by researchers at the Wisconsin Hope Lab found that nearly one in five students reported that they did not have enough money to buy food, ate less than they felt they should or cut down the size of their meals.

Stephen Smith talks to an author of that report, Katharine Broton.

The facts and fictions of student debt

Stories all over the news have identified a new crisis in the United States: student debt. They say debt is crushing college students, topping $1 trillion dollars overall. That’s more than both credit card and auto loans; it’s second only to mortgages.

Yet our guest this week says that scary trillion-dollar number isn’t what we should focus on.

Sandy Baum is a senior fellow at the Urban Institute and author of Student Debt: Rhetoric and Realities of Higher Education Financing.

Baum says loans provide access to college for students who couldn’t other wise afford it. Instead of dismissing debt out of hand, every student should evaluate what kind of higher education is worth it for them.

Should colleges teach men how to be men?

Today, women are more likely to go to college than men. And they perform better academically once they get there.

This has some experts wondering why – and what policymakers can do about it.

Andrew Reiner wrote about this in a recent New York Times op-ed “Teaching Men to Be Emotionally Honest.” He cites research that argues: “boys’ underperformance in school has more to do with society’s norms about masculinity than with anatomy, hormones or brain structure.”

Reiner is a professor at Towson University in Baltimore. He joins host Stephen Smith on the podcast to chat about it.