Adjuncts Unite


What would higher education look like without adjunct professors? That’s what a grass-roots group of academics is trying to prove by holding a National Adjunct Walk-out Day on February 25. In the past, adjuncts were often retired businesspeople or professionals who had time on their hands and could teach a class or two. Now many schools rely on adjunct instructors to save money. Today’s adjuncts may have advanced degrees, but they work part-time, sometimes at several institutions to make ends meet. They’re not eligible for tenure. Perks like health insurance and retirement packages are a rarity.

On the podcast this week, former adjunct Joe Fruscione says something’s gotta give.

We also surveyed adjuncts across the country with help from APM’s Public Insight Network. This podcast features a few of those voices, including: Aaron Hoover, Nicole Anderson-Cobb, Jessica Saigh, J.F. Miller, and Myrriah Gomez.

Next week on the podcast: we’ll hear from a university administrator for a different take on this issue.

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