Are you smarter than a Common Core student? Try a Common Core test

A teacher in Kentucky works with a student on Common Core math. (Photo: Emily Hanford)

This essay is a product of the larger radio documentary Greater Expectations: The Challenge of the Common Core, which you can listen to in its entirety on this website or on our podcast feed (iTunes).

There is one set of Common Core standards, but there are many Common Core tests. Some states are creating their own tests, while others are using common tests developed by two state-led, federally funded consortia (SBAC and PARCC).

The new tests are meant to be more challenging than past state tests. The idea is to better measure students’ critical-thinking, communication and problem-solving skills.

How well would you do on one of the new tests? Click on the teasers below to try some Common Core test questions.

4th-grade math


6th-grade English Language Arts


7th-grade math


11th-grade English Language Arts


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