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Episode Archive

Learning as a science

What does research say about how students learn best? A group of deans from schools of education around the country has united to make sure future teachers are armed with information about what works in the classroom.

Where are the student voices in ed reform?

A growing coalition of young people claims that student voices are largely missing from discussions of education reform.

Most likely to succeed

In most modern work places employees are expected to be self-directed and also work collaboratively. But do conventional public schools do enough to encourage creative and critical thinking?

Siblings and the education gender gap

The gender gap in education disproportionately affects poor children. New research looks at siblings to find out why boys born into poverty are less likely to succeed than girls.

Where budding chefs learn philosophy, too

Despite what you may have heard about the death of the liberal arts, leaders of one of the nation's top cooking schools, and one of the most prominent military academies say courses in subjects like English, history and philosophy are are key to preparing their students for the professional world.

Letting kids fail

A few years ago, writer Jessica Lahey started noticing something troubling about many of her students: they were afraid of making mistakes in the classroom. She writes about this in her new book, "The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed."

Inside school discipline in mississippi

Some school districts are ending out-of-school suspensions in favor of policies that consider why children are acting out and help correct misbehavior. But when a school lacks resources it may be hard to replace traditional school discipline with sensible alternatives.

Building bridges between the Western and Arab worlds

There’s clearly a gulf of understanding between the Western and Arab worlds. A group called Bridges of Understanding wants to change that by helping middle and high school students in the United States talk with their peers in the Middle East and North Africa through video conferences.

Inside Oyler: a conversation with Amy Scott

Residents of Lower Price Hill in Cincinnati decided to turn a troubled neighborhood school into a community learning center, in hopes of battling urban poverty and crime. A new documentary follows the first year of the Oyler School transformation.

Learning to breathe

Can mindfulness reduce children's behavior and emotional challenges in school? That's what one district in Rockland County, N.Y. tried to find out.