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Writing discipline reform into law

We're working on a documentary that explores the backlash against harsh school discipline practices across the country. This week we talk about state laws that seek to push back against the "zero tolerance" policies of the past.

The science gap starts early

A new study shows that what a child knows about science in kindergarten can strongly predict how he or she scores on an eighth-grade science test.

Minnesota’s graduation gap

Minnesota has a reputation for having great public education. But if you're Hispanic, black, Asian-American or Native American, your chances of completing high school are worse in Minnesota than in almost any other state.

A brief history of school discipline

Research shows suspensions aren't effective at changing kids' behavior. And kids of color are more likely to get kicked out than white kids. This week, we examine the history of harsh discipline in school.

Colleges want smart AND nice

The college application process has come under scrutiny in a new report by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. It recommends that schools ask students to demonstrate they're making a civic contribution to their local communities, even if that means taking fewer AP courses.

What students in remedial english can teach us about K-12 education

Nearly two-thirds of all students who enroll in community college are not "college-ready" in math and/or English. This week we hear from a remedial writing teacher who says many of his students have been traumatized by past K-12 educational experiences.

Making sure learning sticks

If you want to really learn something before a big test, put your books down. Research shows that the traditional method of "cramming" for an exam by reading the same thing over and over again, doesn't work. (Rerun from Oct. 2014)

When school vouchers are not a leg up

School voucher programs are controversial because they allow students to use public funds to pay for private school. A new paper is one of the first to show a school voucher program actually lowering student test scores.

Learning financial literacy

Most teenagers are not learning about personal finance in school, according to an annual survey on financial literacy. Our guest this week says that needs to change.

Questioning inequalities in higher ed

College was once considered the path of upward mobility in this country, and for many people, it still is. But research shows that the higher education system can actually work against poor and minority students, because they often end up at colleges with few resources and low graduation rates.