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A paddle used for disciplining students during gym class at D.M. Smith Middle School in Cleveland, Miss. (Photo: Rory Doyle for Medium/Bright)

Inside School Discipline in Mississippi

Some school districts are ending out-of-school suspensions in favor of policies that consider why children are acting out and help correct misbehavior. But when a school lacks resources it may be hard to replace traditional school discipline with sensible alternatives.
Image: Bridges of Understanding.

Building Bridges Between the Western and Arab Worlds

There’s clearly a gulf of understanding between the Western and Arab worlds. A group called Bridges of Understanding wants to change that by helping middle and high school students in the United States talk with their peers in the Middle East and North Africa through video conferences.
Students in front of Oyler School in Cincinnati, Ohio. From the documentary "Oyler," produced by Amy Scott in association with APM's "Marketplace."

Inside Oyler: A Conversation with Amy Scott

Residents of Lower Price Hill in Cincinnati decided to turn a troubled neighborhood school into a community learning center, in hopes of battling urban poverty and crime. A new documentary follows the first year of the Oyler School transformation.
Photo: Mitchell Joyce via Flickr.

Learning to Breathe

Can mindfulness reduce children's behavior and emotional challenges in school? That's what one district in Rockland County, N.Y. tried to find out.
Photo: Steven Depolo on Flickr.

Is the Growth Mindset Craze Overblown?

Last week on the podcast, we ran a story about “growth mindset,” an incredibly popular educational concept having to do with motivation and self-esteem. But some people believe the craze over mindset is overblown. This week we hear from a critic.

Helping Students Adopt a ‘Growth Mindset’

When students are struggling to find an answer in school, it’s tempting for teachers to want to jump in and help them right away. But research shows that a little struggle - or even a little failure - can be good for students to learn how overcome challenges.
Jeremiah Burke High School baseball coach Paul Duhaime delivers a passionate pep talk before practice at Boston's Ronan Park. (Kirk Carapezza/WGBH).

The Rising Cost of Extracurriculars

Sports have long been an avenue for low-income students to get scholarships to college, but that might not be an option if the cost of after-school sports and activities continues to rise.

Wikipedia’s Bum Rap

Wikipedia has gotten a lot of flak over the years for being inaccurate and untrustworthy. But in 2010, Wikimedia, the global movement behind Wikipedia, began recruiting professors from major U.S. universities to assign the work of editing Wikipedia articles to their students.
Image: Us and Them podcast.

A Visit From the Church Lady

Back in the 1960s, the Supreme Court declared it was unconstitutional for public schools to sponsor organized prayer and bible readings, but today there are still groups who say religious lessons belong in public school programs.
Image: Abdo Publishing

Teaching Black Lives Matter

In November, a new social studies book about the Black Lives Matter movement will be available for middle school and high school students nationwide. While no one has had a chance to read the book yet, the idea is stirring controversy and curiosity.