A graduate and her parents celebrate first-generation college students at Amherst College. (Photo: Suzanne Pekow)

The New Face of College


Just 20 percent of college-goers fit the stereotype of being young, single, full-time students who finish a degree in four years. College students today are more likely to be older, part-time, working, and low-income than they were three decades ago. Many are the first in their families to go to college.

This American RadioWorks documentary shows how universities are adapting to serve these new students. It explains changing demographics, and explores what colleges must do to remain engines of social mobility.



Executive Editor: Stephen Smith
Producers: Samara Freemark, Suzanne Pekow and Laurie Stern
Editor/Producer: Catherine Winter
Digital Producer: Andy Kruse
Audio Mixing: Craig Thorson and Michael Osborne
ARW staff: Emily Hanford
Interns: Dylan Peers McCoy and Minna Zhou
Coordinating Producer: Ellen Guettler
Managing Director, National Content Development and Arts & Ideas Programming: Peter Clowney

Special thanks to Kohnstamm Communications and the Hatcher Group.

Support for “The New Face of College” comes from Lumina Foundation, the Spencer Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.