Source: US Department of Education

“My Frain is Bried”: Shadowing a Student

"Welcome to our world." Educators take an entire school day to shadow a student and walk in their shoes. We find out how it went for one teacher.
A student at Minuteman High School in Lexington, Massachusetts

High School Job Prep

Want a job? So does every student ever! Maybe career and technical education classes are the way to go. Shaun Dougherty says you could be more likely to graduate and earn more if you do.
Source: US Department of Education

How Tutoring Helps Students

Private tutoring is no longer just for the rich kids. Our guest tells us how the individual attention improves student learning and graduation rates.

Is Advanced Math Necessary?

In our last episode, Andrew Hacker argued that math courses like algebra are unnecessary for most high schoolers. This week's guest couldn't disagree more.

Featured Doc: An Imperfect Revolution

Nearly everyone who experienced school desegregation has a story to tell about crossing racial lines. Together they reflect on an era marked by struggle and hope, anger and idealism.
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Decoding the Math Myth

Politicians and economists say people need advanced math skills to be successful in the highly technical jobs of the 21st century. But the author of a new book says that's just not true.

Writing Discipline Reform into Law

We're working on a documentary that explores the backlash against harsh school discipline practices across the country. This week we talk about state laws that seek to push back against the "zero tolerance" policies of the past.
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The Science Gap Starts Early

A new study shows that what a child knows about science in kindergarten can strongly predict how he or she scores on an eighth-grade science test.
Xavier Simmons, 27, in class at the Hubbs Center in St. Paul, Minn. in December where he is now working toward his GED certificate. Photo: Caroline Yang for MPR News

Minnesota’s Graduation Gap

Minnesota has a reputation for having great public education. But if you're Hispanic, black, Asian-American or Native American, your chances of completing high school are worse in Minnesota than in almost any other state.
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A Brief History of School Discipline

Research shows suspensions aren't effective at changing kids' behavior. And kids of color are more likely to get kicked out than white kids. This week, we examine the history of harsh discipline in school.